10 FREE Plush Sewing Patterns: Stuffed Animal Blog Tour

Here are 10 free plush sewing patterns FREE to print, with photographed tutorials to walk you through each step by step!

Looking for free sewing patterns for a stuffed animal?

Look no further — today I’m giving you a blog tour of all of my FREE patterns for toys!

Pin this post for later — as I’m creating new free plush patterns, I’ll add them to this post!

Making handmade toys is a thoughtful and meaningful gift to give to loved ones. 

Your handmade soft toy is sure to become an instant heirloom!

Plus, toys are just so much fun to make! It brings out the inner child in all of us!

Each FREE printable pattern includes a photographed tutorial on the blog, instructing you everything from laying your “right sides together,” to helping you choose the right seam allowance!

Plus, some free printable patterns for plush dolls, too!

Since these are ALL patterns from my blog, I can personally assure you that they truly are free to print!

Enjoy your FREE patterns!

Disclaimer: Small pieces can pose as a choking hazard to small children. Please use your wisdom and discretion when giving anything to a young child!

#1. Elephant Plushie Sewing Pattern

This sweet floppy elephant pattern is totally free to print!

Get your digital sewing pattern, print out your paper templates, and make yourself a darling, snuggly elephant!

This elephant takes a minimal amount of fabric — in fact, I used a medium weight dress shirt from a thrift store to make this toy!

Even more fun — this elephant has the option to be weighted, and I walk you through every step along the way for how to do this!

Get your elephant HERE!

#2. Mouse Animal Doll

This mouse doll was inspired by some of the more popular, boutique style mice that have stolen the hearts of many children and parents alike!

This easy pattern gives parents the opportunity to create their own mouse plush for their child!

This pattern is totally free to print out — plus, I have another free sewing pattern for a dress that will fit this mouse! (This dress also fits other animal patterns in this post! It will fit the fox, horse, rabbit, and cat mentioned in this post!)

Create your own fashionable mouse AND create a wardrobe for them, too!

Print your free mouse pattern HERE!

#3. Fox Plush Pattern

This fox plush pattern was designed to be a friend to the mouse doll above!

I used soft fleece fabric for mine — what will you use for yours?

Get your digital download HERE!

#4. Horse Sewing Pattern

This horse was so much fun to make!

With instructions on how to make a mane from yarn, he really has quite the personality once completed!

Print out your friendly horse here!

#5. Rabbit Sewing Pattern

A pattern fit for Easter or any time of the year, this sweet bunny rabbit stands at 15″ tall.

A reminder that you can also make this dress to fit this soft toy, also a totally free plush sewing pattern to print and use!

Rabbits are such a sweet and classic toy — they’re one of my favorite plush toys to make for my children (and other children, too)!

Get your rabbit here!

#6. Sock and Wool Dryer Ball Waldorf Doll

First time making a waldorf doll?

No need to be intimidated by the process!

This FREE to print waldorf doll pattern has a fun and easy hack using a sock and a wool dryer ball!

I’ll teach you each and every step to making this doll!

This doll measures 18″ tall, a very popular doll size!

This means she will also fit other clothes designed for 18″ dolls — making this a very versatile doll to make (and to gift!)!

Print your pattern HERE!

#7. Super easy Waldorf Doll

Another super easy waldorf doll pattern that is FREE to print!

Perfect for your very first time making one of these style dolls.

This doll also has a very easy dress pattern to print, as well as some cute free butterfly wings to dress her in!

I teach you how to make this doll from start to finish — even the yarn hair!

Get your pattern HERE!

#8. Rag Doll

Here’s a free and easy rag doll pattern!

Like the other plush toys in this post, this freebie doll pattern includes a free clothing pattern to dress this doll in!

Want an easy way to attach yarn hair to a doll?

I’ll teach you how to do that, too!

Get your pattern here!

#9. Gnome

My favorite plush pattern to date — take a look at this adorable plush gnome!

Everything about this pattern is free — even his clothes, hat, and shoes!

Print your pattern, then let me walk you through step-by-step until you have completed this sweet plush friend!

This plush toy has such a sweet disposition.

His beard is so much fun to make, too!

This plush gnome is a favorite in our home.

I hope he will be a favorite in your home, too! Print him HERE!

#10. Soft Plush Doll

Another sweet doll to make, I designed this doll to gift to my friend’s young daughter!

This plush doll has very soft features and is a delight to make.

Like all the other patterns in this post, this doll is entirely FREE to print out the pattern for, and I teach you how to make her clothes, too! 

Print this plush doll pattern HERE!

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It brings me such joy to make my children their own handmade toys — and I love to share these patterns with you! 

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Happy sewing!

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