FREE Simple Stuffed Bunny Sewing pattern to make for Easter

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This cute and easy free PDF printable pattern and simple tutorial will have you making this bunny doll in no time!

This floppy eared Easter bunny is a great idea to stick in an Easter basket this year!

Grab your sewing machine, and follow along with these step-by-step instructions. 

Print your pattern with the PDF file below, and you’ll be on your way with this fun sewing project!

I love making plush toys and offer other plush patterns on my blog, so please check those out as well! I have other animal patterns there!

Supply List:

  • 1/2 yard of cotton fabric for body, fabric scraps for the inner ears (you could also use fleece fabric or linen fabrics)
  • Wool or fiberfill of your choice to stuff your bunny rabbit
  • Sewing machine/needle thread
  • Embroidery thread/needle to sew on the face (eyes, nose, and mouth!)
  • Your FREE pattern, below!

Pattern Pieces

Grab your pattern pieces below!

They can be printed instantly below.

Exclusive Content

Step 1: Trace and cut pattern pieces

The first thing you’ll want to do is trace and cut out your pattern pieces.

You will want to cut out:

  •  2 body pieces
  • 4 arm pieces
  • 4 leg pieces
  • 2 outer ear pieces
  • 2 inner ear pieces (contrasting color)

Note: Remember to leave all dotted lines on your pattern pieces OPEN while sewing!

First, cut out your body pieces.

The Body

Fold your fabric in half.

Lay your body pattern piece on the top of the fabric.

Trace the pattern piece — I just used a pencil!

Then, cut out your pattern through two layers of fabric, and set aside.

Now, we’ll move onto the legs.

The legs and arms

Just like before, fold your fabric in half.

Take out your legs, and trace two onto the two layers of fabric.

Cut out the two traced legs. 

This should make 4 total leg pieces.

Set these aside as well. 

Repeat this process for the arms.

Set aside your arms.

Lastly, onto the ears!

The ears

For the ears, you’ll want to use your fabric that matches the rest of the body.

You also may want to use a fun contrasting fabric for the inner ears.

I chose pink for the inner ears.

Lay down your pattern piece onto a double layer of fabric. 

Trace, and cut.

Repeat on your contrasting fabric.

Again — this should give you 2 inner ear pieces, and 2 outer ear pieces.

That makes 4 ear pieces total!

Set aside all your ears.

Step 2: Sew your rabbit

Now, we’ll start sewing your rabbit!

While it’s best to use a sewing machine (your stitches will be much tighter, which is better for stuffing and long term play use!), you can absolutely do this project with just a hand needle and some thread.

So — don’t fuss if you don’t own a sewing machine!

Seam allowance

Sew all of your pieces using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

If you feel that you need more strength in your stitches, you can consider opting for a larger seam allowance — just bear in mind that your rabbit may look a little different from my final product!

You also have the option of sewing over your stitches 3 or 4 times. This will certainly make your rabbit stronger!

Sew the Body

Since we cut out our body first, let’s go ahead and sew our body first, too!

With right sides together, sew your rabbit body.

Be sure to leave the bottom of your bunny rabbit OPEN! 

The bottom of your rabbit is where we’ll attach the legs!

Turn the body right side out.

(your raw edges will now be hidden inside the rabbit!)

Stuff your rabbit head and body with wool/the fiberfill of your choice. 

Play around with your stuffing, making sure there are no lumps.

A good way to make sure there aren’t any lumps is by adding small, pieces of fluff at a time.

You can also fluff up your small bunches of fluff with your fingers before placing them inside your rabbit.

Set aside.

Sew the arms and legs

Next, we’ll sew the arms and legs!

Just like before, sew the arms and legs right side together.

Leave the straight edges on the end OPEN.

The open edges are marked by dotted lines on the pattern pieces.

Turn your arms and legs right side out. 

It can be helpful to carefully use a wooden chopstick to turn these pieces inside out.

The wooden chopstick is also good for gently pushing out all the edges of your arms and legs.

This will help the shape of your rabbit look more defined!

Stuff your arms and legs.

Sew the arms closed

Fold the raw edge of the top of the arm INSIDE the arm.

Then, sew a line of stitches at the very edge of the open arm to close the stuffing inside the arm.

Set aside the arms.

It’s not necessary to close the legs in advance, but you can if you want to.

Floppy Ears

To sew your bunny ears together, take one inner ear piece and one outer ear piece. Lay them right sides together.

Sew the ears together, and turn them right side out.

(again, the open edges are marked with dotted lines on the pattern)

Be watchful when sewing the tip of the ear — try to keep it nice and rounded!

Do not stuff the ears!

Once the ears are right side out, fold in the raw edges and sew the ears closed. Just like what we did for the arms.

To make your ears lay flat and to give them a more professional look, sew a line of stitches across the very edge of the ears.

Assembling your rabbit

Time to make all these pieces turn into a rabbit!

First, let’s attach the legs so we can conceal the rest of the fluff.

Stick your legs into the inside of the body.

Your rabbit should be positioned nose and tummy OUT, with the toes also pointing OUT.

Fold the raw edges of the bottom of the body inside the rabbit, then sew a seam of stitches across.

If this part is a little tricky, you can pin everything into place first, or use a basting stitch before sewing your stitches across.

Next, we’ll use a ladder stitch to attach the arms.

Use a ladder stitch on both the “shoulder” side of the arm, and on the “armpit” side of the arm.

Use the same method of attaching the arms to attach the ears to the rabbit.

Bunny Face

It’s time to put the finishing touches on your Easter Bunny!

Take out some embroidery floss and a needle with a large enough eye to thread the embroidery floss through.

Use your own creativity to imagine whatever eyes, nose, and mouth you’d like for your rabbit!

Some other fun ideas to customize your chubby bunny: bead eyes, bow ties, round or triangular nose…whatever you choose, your rabbit will be a hit come Easter time! 

Tips and Tricks for embroidering the facial features:

  • When deciding on a position for the eyes, use straight pins with a round ball on the end to stick into your rabbit where you’d like the eyes to be. Then use a pencil to trace a circle around the balls of the pins. After you remove the pins, not only will you have perfectly marked eye placements, but you’ll also have perfectly drawn circles on your rabbit that you can use as a guide for the eyes!
  • Leave long tail ends for the beginning and the end of your embroidery floss. Then, when you’re done embroidering the eyes, make a french knot, then weave your end tail of floss into the head of the rabbit so it’s hidden, long, and strong before snipping the thread off your needle. Then, use your need to rethread the long tail end of your beginning floss, sew it into the inside of the rabbit’s head, and snip it once it comes out the other end. This is a much neater and stronger way to embroider a face, rather than just knotting the thread and cutting it short! Just cutting your thread short nearly guarantees that your work will come undone before long. 

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I hope you enjoyed this Free Bunny Sewing Pattern!

Leave a comment below if you would be interested in me releasing some clothes for this finished bunny to wear!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Marilyn! I love finding free patterns, too — all the more reason I love to bless others with free patterns! Happy sewing!