Waldorf Baby Doll — free PDF pattern and tutorial: PART 1

This Waldorf Baby Doll stands at 10″ tall and is a perfect little doll for little hands to hold.

Follow along to make an adorable waldorf baby doll!

From selecting and cleaning your raw wool, to adding the tiniest of details!

This is part 1 of this dollmaking series.

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In part 1, we will cover:

  • Selecting and cleaning your wool
  • Cutting out your pattern
  • Sewing your pattern

Parts 2, 3, and 4 can be found HERE:

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Selecting Your Wool

Waldorf dolls are made with wool.

The bodies are filled with wool, the hair is usually made with wool.

Wool, wool, wool!

You have different options for using wool.

One option is to buy the wool already washed and carded. I have purchased this wool for years.

Another option is to buy wool that is “in the grease”that is, raw.

Today, I will be using wool from my very own snuggly sheep.

I might be biased, but using their wool is my favorite.

Select the locks of wool you want to use for hair.

Carefully wrap the locks in small bunches towards the TOP of the wool, not the bottom where the beautiful curls end.

Use little rubber ponytails used for hair to wrap your locks.

Pick out any pieces of debris from your wool that you can.

Fill your sink (or, I used a big stainless steel bowl) with cool to lukewarm water.

Rinse your wool, very gently swishing it around.

Pour out the yucky water. It will be gross. Like, REALLY gross.

Refill with clean (NOT HOT) water. This time add a mild dish soap.

Gently work the soap through the wool, being very careful not to agitate it.

Dump out the water, and rinse it one more time.

Carefully remove all those little rubber bands, and spread out your wool on a towel to dry.

Let your wool dry for at least 24 hours.

Set aside your best locks for your doll’s hair. Find out how to make a WEFT (doll hair) here!

Keep the rest of your wool to fill your doll with.

Meanwhile, start work on your waldorf baby doll’s body

While you’re waiting for your wool to dry, print out your waldorf baby doll pattern.

Exclusive Content

Taking notice of which way the stretch should go on your fabric, lay out your pattern pieces onto some cotton interlock fabric.

Trace around the pattern pieces onto your fabric. You can use some fancy fabric chalk pencils for this part, but I just used a regular #2 pencil.

Sew right on top of the line you traced, LEAVING THE TOP OPEN. See photo below for which part to leave open.

You can hand sew this doll, but it’s really best to use a sewing machine. Your doll will hold up much better if this part is sewn on a machine.

Look at the photo below. Note that the top and sides of the neck are left open.

Continue in this way, sewing the remaining pieces.

Cut the pieces out AFTER you sew them, leaving 1/4″ seam allowance around all edges.

For the ears, trace two ears over two layers of fabric each.

Sew around the curved “C,” and leave the straight line open.

After you’ve sewn the ears, cut them out, leaving 1/4″ seam allowance all around, including at the ear’s opening.

Sew the head, remembering to trace your pattern on the fold.

Be sure to leave both the top and the bottom of the head piece open.

In the same way, complete the arms. The arms will have two layers of fabric each.

Leave the straight edge of the “armpit” end of the arm open.

Part Two of Waldorf Baby Doll Tutorial

Next we are onto part TWO of this dollmaking tutorial!

In part 2, we will cover:

  • Stuffing your doll
  • Felting the Head
  • Sewing together the limbs and body

Head straight over to part 2 by using this link!

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