Charlotte’s Web: Free PDF printable for Yoto

Worksheets for Charlotte’s Web that work wonderfully with a Yoto card, or with any audiobook recording!

We love our Yoto players!

My kids love listening to them on their own, day and night.

I like using them to sneak in extra learning opportunities.

Below you can print out a free PDF of companion educational activities for the Heidi Yoto card (or for any Heidi audiobook!)

Don’t have a Heidi Yoto card? Here’s a resource for a free MYO Heidi audiobook recording. (You can listen if you don’t have a Yoto player, too!)

Let’s look at each PDF page a little more closely.

If you like what you see, you can print the PDF for free at the bottom of the page!

Listening Checklist

Give this activity to your child at the beginning of their listening adventure.

Your child can check off each part of the story, or each character, as they hear about it!

Is your child not quite reading yet? No worries, they can still enjoy this too! Pictures are included to help young children identify different parts of the story as they listen along.

Fern’s Farm

Help your early reader practice their reading skills with this fun worksheet!

Your child can sound out each “Charlotte’s Web themed” word, then circle the word that goes with each picture.

Matching the correct word to each picture helps with reading comprehension skills, too!

Word Search

Keep children who are a little older engaged with the story by letting them work on this word search!

Character’s names and words and phrases that are consistent with the story are used in this word search.

This will help children see the words they are hearing in the story, teaching them to read and spell each of the words, too!

Life Cycle of a Spider

Here’s a fun cut and paste activity, with an easy science lesson thrown in!

Learn about the life cycle of a spider.

Plus, allow your children to practice their fine motor skills by cutting out each answer and gluing it into its place!

Book Report Pages

Give children an introduction to writing a book report using these pages!

These simplistic, guided book report pages will help children learn how to summarize the story they’ve heard.

There’s also a rating portion for how much they enjoyed the story — this will help YOU figure out what kind of stories they would like to hear in the future!

The Character Profile page is a wonderful way for children to develop a deeper connection with each character.

What does the character look like? What are their likes and dislikes? What problems do they face, and how do they solve them?

Use the Character Profile page for your child’s favorite character, or use it for several different characters to compare and contrast!

Ready to Print your PDF?

Ready to print out these Charlotte’s Web activity pages?

Click the image below to get your FREE printables!

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