Beatrix Potter Printable Activities

These Beatrix Potter themed printables are perfect to go with your Beatrix Potter Yoto cards! Plus, a free audiobook resource to create a MYO!

I really love Beatrix Potter’s stories and illustrations!

Her stories are captivating and timeless!

Our family has the complete collection of Beatrix Potter Yoto cards. In fact, it was the first set of Yoto cards we had!

It’s still a favorite for the whole family!

So — here are some printables to enhance your homeschool day using the Beatrix Potter Yoto cards.

If you don’t have these Yoto cards, here’s a free resource for making these stories as a MYO! Pick your preferred recording, and even mix match individual stories based off of which narrators you prefer!

These printables are totally free to use! They’re perfect for a young child who is just learning their letters and how to count.

This PDF is 8 pages long.

Let’s look through each page a little closer!

Counting Practice

This PDF has two different pages for counting practice.

One page involves counting in a straight row.

The other page involves more of a “hide and seek” style of counting.

Your child will count how many Beatrix Potter characters they can find, and then they will get to practice writing their numbers as they write down the answer!

Reading Practice

Your child can gain practice reading simple three letter words with this activity!

Look at each Beatrix Potter illustration. Your child will circle the word that makes the most sense for each picture.

This activity is wonderful for strengthening beginning reading comprehension, as well as being able to differentiate between similar words.

Art Activities

Set up your Yoto player and enjoy listening to the tales of Peter Rabbit while your child works on their skills with scissors and glue for this fun activity!

Cut out the Beatrix Potter characters and garden pieces, then glue each picture onto the garden background to create your own Beatrix Potter inspired garden scene!

This is great practice for your child’s scissor and glue abilities.

It’s also just a wonderful artistic activity to encourage their imagination while listening to the story!

You’ll also get a beautiful Beatrix Potter framed page for painting!

Use it to paint a photo of whatever your child’s favorite Beatrix Potter story is!

Letter Writing Practice

Enjoy two sheets of letter tracing for your child to practice their letters!

You’ll receive a page of only capital letters.

You’ll also get a second page of just lower case letters.

Name the Character

How many Beatrix Potter characters can your child name?

Identify some common friends in the Beatrix Potter stories, and draw a line to each correct answer.

This activity is especially helpful if your child has been listening to audiobooks of Beatrix Potter’s stories, but hasn’t seen her beautiful illustrations! This activity will put a face with the names they’ve been hearing so much about!

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