The Wind in the Willows: Free Yoto and Audiobook Printables

Looking for free printable content to enhance your Yoto player and homeschool experience? Print your free The Wind in the Willows companion printables below!

We love our Yoto players and audiobooks!

My kids love them for their everyday (and every night!) leisurely use, and I love using them for homeschooling.

Below, you can print out a PDF that has activities for a variety of ages to help your children engage while listening to The Wind in the Willows.

Don’t have this Yoto card, or don’t have a Yoto player? Click here to download a FREE (no account needed!) audiobook recording of the Wind in The Willows! You can listen however you want — turn the audio file into a Make Your Own Yoto card, or put it on a CD, MP3 player, or any digital listening device!

This PDF collection has 8 pages of activities. There are options for a variety of age ranges, making this ideal for siblings to listen to this story together. Everyone can participate!

Included are:

  • Story Scavenger Hunt
  • Nature Hunt
  • Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Tracing
  • Word Search
  • Name Each Picture
  • Character Information/Profile
  • Book Report

Let’s go into each page a little bit deeper!

Remember — this is all totally free to print!

Story Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun way to make sure your children are paying attention to The Wind in the Willows!

Give each child this page so that they can check off each part of the story as they listen to it.

Corresponding pictures for each part of the story are included for young children who can’t read quite yet.

It’s an engaging way to make sure everyone stays focused on the storyline!

Nature Hunt

Can your child identify a water rat vs a common brown rat?

What about a badger vs a skunk?

Here’s a fun nature hunt based off of the animals and nature scenes depicted in The Wind in the Willows!

While this activity is designed with younger kids in mind, older children can enjoy this activity, too!

It’s a leisurely way to add depth and understanding to The Wind in the Willows!

Letter Tracing Practice

Here’s another activity to keep little hands busy while listening to The Wind in the Willows!

Even my youngest children love listening to The Wind in the Willows.

Keep your preschoolers engaged in the story while helping them practice their letters by using these printables!

You’ll get one page of capital letters, and one page of lowercase letters!

Of course, you can print these out as many times as you’d like!

Included are colorful visuals of both a “horse drawn caravan” and a “motorcar” as depicted in the story. This will help your child understand just what these historical references are!

Word Search

An activity aimed for elementary aged students — here’s a word search for your kids to complete while listening to The Wind in the Willows!

Filled with words commonly heard in the story (and the Author’s name, too!), this activity will help your your younger elementary aged child be able to read and spell words heard in the story, and provide your older elementary child enjoyment while listening!

Name Each Picture

This activity includes illustrations from the 1913 edition of The Wind in the Willows. These beautiful illustrations were done by Paul Bransom (1885 – 1979).

Give your child the ability to recognize these paintings from a historic edition of The Wind in the Willows.

This activity will also help your child be able to better visualize different parts of the story, giving them a more complete understanding of the story line.

Your child can complete this activity little by little as they go about listening to the story, or they can complete it all at once after they have listened to The Wind in the Willows in its entirety.

Book Report Page

An activity intended for older children, this activity helps guide your child on how to write a simplified yet well thought out book report.

There’s even a part at the bottom where your child can rate how much they enjoyed The Wind in the Willows!

(This last part can be especially helpful in guiding your future Yoto card purchases!)

Character Information Pages

Create a character Profile for one — or for many — The Wind in the Willows characters!

Dive deeper into your The Wind in the Willows experience by spending some time really getting to know each character!

This page is great for engaging your child in further conversation about the story. Just why does Mr. Toad behave the way he does!?

Download your free PDF Here!

Ready to print your activities for The Wind in the Willows?

You can get your PDF totally FREE below!

Just click on the image below. You’ll open your PDF instantly, ready for it to be printed!

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