Heidi: Free Printable Worksheets and Activities for Heidi Yoto Audiobook

Here’s a free printable PDF for activities to pair with the Heidi Yoto card (or any Heidi audiobook!)

It’s no secret that we love our Yoto players!

Adding audiobooks into our childrens’ homeschool routine has been such a relaxed way to sneak in some extra literature!

Our kids absolutely love it! They listen on their own, both day and night!

Take your “sneaky homeschool methods” to the next level with these printables to help reinforce what your child is “reading” when listening to Heidi!

And — if you don’t have this Yoto card (or a Yoto player!), check out this free audiobook resource for Heidi. It can be turned into a MYO card, or be listened without owning a Yoto player at all!

Activities are included for a variety of ages — perfect for siblings!

You can get a closer look at what you’ll find in your free printable below.

If you like what you see, print your PDF at the bottom of the page for FREE!

Simplified Book Report Pages

Use these guided book report pages to help your child gain a deeper understanding of the storyline.

Your child can give an overall synopsis of Heidi on the Book Report page. There’s even a section at the bottom where they can rate how much they enjoyed the story! (this is especially helpful when planning for future Yoto card purchases!)

On the Character Profile page, your child can make a deeper connection with each character from Heidi by compiling everything they know about each character.

Art Pages

Children of varying ages can enjoy these art pages while listening to Heidi!

These beautiful vintage illustrations of the story of Heidi help bring the story to life.

It’s a great activity for your child to work on while listening to the story!

Word Search

Solidify names and topics from the story of Heidi with this word search!

This word search will also help your child better understand how to read and spell some important words from the book.

Circle the word, then check off each word as you go along!

Listening Checklist

Give this checklist to your child when they first start listening to Heidi.

As they listen along, your child can check off each part of the story that they hear.

A picture is included for each part to help the younger child who is not quite reading yet. Everyone can follow along on this listening checklist!

Checking off the parts of the story that your child has heard will help them stay focused on the story, and help the parent know that their child isn’t missing out on any parts of the story!

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