Free Pooh Bear Kindergarten Letter Writing Worksheets

Help your child learn the alphabet by tracing letters! Get the most out of these classic Winnie the Pooh worksheets by pairing them with a Winnie the Pooh Yoto card or audiobook! (resources below!)

Winnie the Pooh is full of timeless stories that both kindergarten students and adults alike can enjoy together!

We love our Yoto players — and we love listening to the classic Pooh stories on it!

These printable worksheets are a fun way for young learners to practice their fine motor skills while learning about their lowercase letters and uppercase letters! 

Stick your Winnie the Pooh Yoto card into your Yoto player, grab these free printable alphabet worksheets, and enjoy listening to Winnie the Pooh stories with your kindergarten children while helping them learn their alphabet letters!

Don’t have a Yoto player or this Yoto card? Click here to find a Winnie the Pooh audiobook recording that can be listened to anyway you’d like! (MYO and more!) (Oh, and it’s FREE!)

Let’s take a closer look at some of these alphabet tracing worksheets. 

Then, print your free PDF file at the bottom of the post!

Letter Sounds

Besides using a Winnie the Pooh audiobook to add depth to these worksheets, I would encourage parents to make each page an interactive worksheet, practicing letter sounds with your child for each letter of the alphabet.

This will help introduce reading to your child at the same time they are learning the letters of the alphabet!

Penmanship Practice

In addition to learning their letters, these kindergarten alphabet worksheets will give your child handwriting practice!

Each letter has a portion for letter tracing before writing their “big letters” and “small letters” all by themselves!

Upper and Lowercase Letters

Another reason I like these worksheets is because they will teach your child lowercase letter identification at the same time that they teach your students’ uppercase letter recognition!

​I personally find that this helps remove any initial confusion when first teaching your child their ABCs skills.

Alphabet Coloring Pages

​Don’t forget to allow your child to color each classic Pooh illustration!

All of these ABC worksheets include a beautiful illustrations by E. H. Shepard. 

Free alphabet printables

Please enjoy your free educational materials! 

You can print this PDF by clicking Exclusive Content image below:

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