Sewing Cloth Diapers to become “All In One”
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Sewing Cloth Diapers to become “All In One”

Here’s how I upgraded my stash of Pocket and Cover cloth diapers to become the very convenient “All In One” cloth diapers! I’ve cloth diapered 5 babies now. I really prefer them to disposables for many reasons — it’s better for baby’s skin, it’s cost effective, there is no diaper trash, and we’ve experienced very…

grey newborn hat with blue pinstripes and ties on a white background
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FREE EASY Newborn Baby Hat Sewing Pattern DIY Tutorial

Scroll down to get your FREE baby hat pattern! Pattern comes as a PDF download and this blog post has a step by step tutorial! I’m in a “baby” stage of life. My babies, friends’ babies, family’s babies… it seems everyone is having babies right now! I’m constantly in search of the perfect baby shower…