Different Types of Scissors for SEWING: All you need to know

Different Types of Scissors for SEWING: All you need to know

​Let’s talk about the different types of scissors used in sewing, and go into some detail on each one! Using the right tools will make your sewing project go much more smoothly! There’s a cutting tool for every project! Having the right tool for each sewing project will make your life much easier! Below, we…

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Sewing vs Knitting and Crocheting: Which should you choose?

Here’s a series of questions to help decide which is for YOU! Trying to choose a new hobby to learn? I’ve been sewing and crocheting for most of my life, and have been knitting for quite a few years now.  Let’s dive into the main differences between these common crafty hobbies! This post will guide…

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What is a Waldorf Doll?

Waldorf dolls are soft handmade dolls made with natural materials. Traditionally, they have minimal facial features to promote imaginative play in children. Waldorf dolls hold a special place in my heart. I’ve made dozens over the years for my own children, and for my friend’s children, too! I also offer plenty of free patterns and…